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cont padrones catGrouped into documents and texts according to purpose and origin, the Económica hosts the following collections:

Assembled from all the documentary resources produced by the Real Sociedad from its beginning until today, this collection consists of thousands of documents of varied typology, class and format. There is a wide variety of subject matter, although the most frequently occurring subjects are related to the running of the Institution and its role as an intermediary with public authorities in matters associated with its aims. The most remarkable documents in the collection are those for internal control by the board (statutes, Acts of the Committee of Direction and Government, etc.), economic matters (commerce, industry, agriculture, transport, etc.), demographics (censuses, re-counts, registers of inhabitants, etc.), military subjects (militia, review of troop units, defence plans, fortifications, attacks, etc.), educational (schools, educational plans, exams, rolls of students and teachers, etc.), charities, royal parties, correspondence, fellows, and a very large miscellany of subjects.

This is the most important collection in the archive of the Real Sociedad, not only from the quantitative point of view, but also due to the quality of the documents. Donated by the priest and historian, Jose Rodríguez Moure (1855-1936), it consists of thousands of documents collected by this scholar throughout his life on variety of themes, history, genealogy, economy, religion, the arts, judicial cases, matters relating to South America, the University of San Fernando, etc., and its origins are just as diverse. Its highlights are those papers relating to the most important families of Tenerife, the church, those concerned with Rodríguez Moure, and those properties that were in their time owned by the some very well-known Canarian personalities, such as Viera y Clavijo, Martínez de Fuentes, Tomás and Alonso de Nava-Grimón, Tavira y Almazán, and Anchieta y Alarcón. The chronology of the collection covers the period from the 16th century up to the death of Rodríguez Moure in 1936.

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Formed by donations made by the descendants of Fernando de Ascanio Montemayor and by the Iglesias de Ascanio family, this collection is made up of documents about agriculture, the economy, and genealogy relating to the first archivist of the province of the Canary Islands, Ramón de Ascanio León Huerta, and his wife, Elena de Montemayor Nava-Grimón. Its chronology covers the period from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

This collection contains manuscript documents relating to the inventories of personal properties owned by the Real Sociedad, made by its author over many years as curator of the Institution, as well as other documents on a family theme.

Formed of a large number of documents that cover the period from the 18th to the 20th centuries, in this collection we can highlight those that refer to economic matters and a number of very important manuscripts and printed papers. The collection also contains a selection of photographs of various subjects as well as a large number of books on diverse topics.

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Donated by Ramón González de Mesa Machado, this collection stands out due to the many documents from 1929 to 1970 relating to two waterworks and a water channel on the island of Tenerife.

Collected by Tomás Tabares de Nava (1889-1974), this collection has a strong family emphasis with a focus upon documents relating to the militia of the Canary Islands as well as genealogical research. It covers the period between the 16th and 20th centuries.

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Donated to the Real Sociedad by his five children, the collection contains various documents about the Earl’s life and family, in different formats including a large number of photographs, audio tapes and manuscripts connected to the life and deeds of Roméu Palazuelos (1906-2001).

Donated by the García Claverée family through Mercedes García Claveríe, this collection is formed of a group of documents about technical, military and related matters, as well as books from the Academy of Artillery collected by José García Romanillos, who occupied several civilian posts as well as that of a civil servant of Public Works allocated in the archipelago.

Formed by the documents covering family, genealogical, military, political and economic matters relating to the Pereyra Castro-Ayala family and all other linked branches. Its chronology covers the period from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

This was donated to the Real Sociedad by the family of the first dean of the University of La Laguna after its re-foundation in 1927, José Escobedo y González-Alberú (1891-1945). The collection contains thousands of documents, among them a large correspondence with public figures of the Canary Islands and the Peninsular of the time, as well as documents relating to the teaching of history at the university. Its chronology covers the first half of the 20th century.

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Formed from documents belonging to Master Manuel Borguñó Plá (1884-1976), who was an experienced and notable teacher of musical pedagogy, the director of the Schola Cantorum and other important choirs in Tenerife, the collection contains a large number of documents about the history of music, together with others on family topics, as well as a relevant section of photographs about his main activity, music.

Formed of documents relating to the Aguilar Escobar family, the collection contains mainly papers about genealogical, political, economic and family matters, dating from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

Donated by the Navarro sisters, this collection has a variety of documents from the inheritance left by Cipriano de Arribas y Sánchez and their aunt, Araceli de Arribas y Sánchez. Among the documentary references are highlighted those of genealogical, economic and family themes. Its chronology covers the period from the 18th to the 19th centuries.

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Donated by the Cifra family, who were valued members of the Real Sociedad, this collection contains documents on family, economic and political topics, covering the period from the 19th to the 20th centuries.

Donated by the Gutiérrez Penedo family, the collection contains documents of family, political and economic matters, covering a chronology from the 19th to the 20th centuries.

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