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After the expulsion of the Jesuits, King Carlos III granted permission in 1778 to the Real Sociedad to occupy “the required rooms for the meetings, and the installation of its archive and library” in the building, a condition that has remained unchanged until today, with the exception of a few periods when it was moved to other locations in La Laguna.

During its time this noble building has been, amongst other things, the seat of the University of San Fernando, the seat for the Escuela Normal, and, most recently, the seat for the faculties of chemistry and law of the University of La Laguna, before, finally in 1959, the Real Sociedad once again regained its place in this building.

Today the property is owned by the Comunidad Autónoma and free use of the premises was granted by Decree number 25/2004, of March 23rd, to the Real Sociedad Económica.



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