cont Carlos IIIThe Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de Tenerife was founded in February 1777 during the reign of King Carlos III in the spirit of the era of ‘The Enlightenment’, which at that time looked towards modernising and encouraging the prosperity of Spain in all aspects.

Without regard to their national territory, not only on the Peninsular but also in the Spanish colonies of South America, institutions such as the Sociedad were conceived to strengthen and support all activities within their areas of influence; these related to economic, scientific, educational and cultural development. The societies have always been ready to assist in any issues of the day that concerned the country at different periods in its history.

Since its foundation, the organisation has played a significant role as a kind of ‘bridge’ between the developments begun by the famous Tertulia de Nava (a group of celebrities who met in the Palace of Nava in La Laguna with the same concerns for the well-being of the island) and the well-known Junta Suprema de Canarias (the first organisation of autonomous government of the archipelago within its recent past). Both institutions were linked to the Real Sociedad through its members, its aims and its resources, in the attainment of objectives so significant as the Botanical Gardens of Puerto de la Cruz, the University of San Fernando, and the Bishopric of Tenerife.

Since when, the Real Sociedad has contributed to the growth of every aspect of the development of the country and its cultural interests.


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