This is the most important collection in the archive of the Real Sociedad, not only from the quantitative point of view, but also due to the quality of the documents. Donated by the priest and historian, Jose Rodríguez Moure (1855-1936), it consists of thousands of documents collected by this scholar throughout his life on variety of themes, history, genealogy, economy, religion, the arts, judicial cases, matters relating to South America, the University of San Fernando, etc., and its origins are just as diverse. Its highlights are those papers relating to the most important families of Tenerife, the church, those concerned with Rodríguez Moure, and those properties that were in their time owned by the some very well-known Canarian personalities, such as Viera y Clavijo, Martínez de Fuentes, Tomás and Alonso de Nava-Grimón, Tavira y Almazán, and Anchieta y Alarcón. The chronology of the collection covers the period from the 16th century up to the death of Rodríguez Moure in 1936.

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